Carbitex GearFlex Plate

Carbitex GearFlex Plate

Stiff in one direction and flexible in the other direction.  Offers additional propulsion and protection. Ships as a Pair.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennette M Rerucha
Love these shoes!

I’ve purchased every brand to find the perfect running shoe for my finicky feet and I finally found it. They hog my feet but aren’t tight. Lots of room for my toes, never rub my heels, never come untied

Carbitex Plate

My first run in the GS PGH was a 14.5 miler groomed trail, without the carbitex plate. That run felt good but I need to go up a half-size for anything over 10 miles. The second run was with the carbitex plate: very technical run with solid elevation and switch backs, the shoe felt really stable with the carbitex plate up and down the mountain.



Paul Warren
Better Than Expected

These are easily the most comfortable running shoe I have ever tried. The Boa system makes tightening and loosening the shoe easy. The tactility of the bottom of the show took a little getting used to because of the grip and presence of the bottom half of the shoe. I have run and worked out in this shoe and loved them. Yesterday a truck broke down in the intersection on my drive home from running. I jumped out to push him out of the intersection and couldn't have had a better pair of shoes to grip the road as we struggled to get it moving.

Lastly, and most importantly, I called customer service with a question about the shoe and a shoe engineer/designer picked up the phone and answered all my questions. I was blown away at how helpful and knowledgeable they were and couldn't believe I didn't have to get routed through an operator or a computer system.

10/10 would buy the shoe again. I'll definitely be sticking with Speedland for future shoe orders.

Love the carbon plate

The more i run in these shoes, the better they get.