Carbitex GearFlex Plate

Carbitex GearFlex Plate

Stiff in one direction and flexible in the other direction.  Offers additional propulsion and protection. Ships as a Pair.

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Jack Black


Gerroce Espadera
amazing!! must own

you wouldn’t even feel the plate that is underneath which is great but the best part that it made a difference. to all the runners; we should all get at least a pair plus, you can take it out on the regular runs. Just need more pairs of the shoes.

Ryan Lemus
5 star review

These plates are great! add much needed support on long runs

Benjamin Wright
Awesome Shoe

I really love these shoes, they are great for all aspects of my life.


I have been searching for a replacement for my beloved Hoka Speedgoat 4 and this may be it. Very comfortable sole, lots of grip, and a very comfortable upper with a great lock down that can adjust tighter and looser with the boa system. I’ve never felt a shoe that has as much cushion and yet it’s still responsive and quick. They’ve done something special with the midsole and the insole on this shoe. It’s worth the price as long as it doesn’t break down prematurely. I’m very happy about this shoe and I’ve already forgotten that it’s more expensive than other shoes. I got the carbon plate mostly to act as a rock guard and I’ll be honest I never feel rocks or roots while running fast downhill. I’m really convinced this is the best long distance trail shoe. The only thing I would suggest for v2 of this shoe is longer lugs (I’ve always wanted deeper grip at the cost of weight savings, which I assume is the trade off being made…?) and a more rocker shape. I love shoes with rocker shape that just want to roll forward with every step. But that being said, that’s the only two things I would want that these shoes don’t have. (Speedgoat 4s have a deeper lug and a rocker shape but they wear out so fast. I barely get 200 miles out of hokas with hard trail running. But I’m feeling confident that these will last longer.) I mostly want a deeper lug to improve durability. But these guys seem to know what they’re doing. This is a phenomenal shoe and I’m really trying not to exaggerate.