How long do your shoes last?

The SL:PDX is built to last. You can expect at least 350 miles of wear. Mileage totals could increase though depending on various factors, such as conditions, surface and terrain.

Are your shoes only for Trail Running?

Yes, the SL:PDX is purpose built for the Trails.

How does your product fit?

Our product fits true on both length and width.

How do the Cuttable Blocks work?

Please reference the video/user manual under our Tech section for a complete explanation.

Why would I cut the Traction down?

If you live in a dry climate (Southern California, Arizona, etc) you can customize for that terrain and remove additional weight.

Can I remove the Carbon Plate?

Yes, if you remove Plate you increase Trail feel but sacrifice propulsion/protection.

Where can I go in my area to try on Speedland product?

Currently you can try on the SL:PDX at Renegade Running in Oakland, CA and Skinny Raven in Anchorage, AK.

What organizations does Speedland support?

We partner directly with our Athletes and donate 10% of our profits for their respected Outdoor/Trail Foundations.

Do you have an Ambassador program?

Yes, we have partnered with select Athletes around the Country. Please contact us if interested.

Where do you ship?

Please see complete details under Shipping.

How do I return my used shoes for Recycling?

When your Footwear has come to the end of its life, contact us and we will email you a prepaid shipping label. Attach to a bag or box and place in mail.