Meet Caroline Austin – Speedland Athlete

Meet Caroline Austin – Speedland Athlete

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest! Living in such a beautiful place has allowed me to spend a lot of time outdoors being active. I played a number of sports growing up, which felt fun to try new challenges. That same curiosity transferred to my running when I decided to attend Washington State University on a track and field scholarship.

During school, I fell in love with the crazy event, steeplechase, and have been hooked ever since. After leaving college to pursue a coaching career and see what my body could still do in a competitive environment, I found myself in Seattle, Washington. Living in this active community really opened my eyes to what running could be. I have friends that run of all ages and ability levels. They are the ones that assured me my talents and love of running should be expanded.

What is trail running?? This felt foreign to a track and road runner, which I still love to explore, but the trails appeal to me for far different reasons. They feel like an equalizer in many ways. I have qualified for National championships in the steeple, Olympic trials in the marathon, traveled internationally on a USA team, and the trails keep calling. After running and winning my first 50k a few years ago I realized trail running is a large part of my heart. The community is amazing and has earned me dozens of wonderful friends. I feel that I have just scratched the surface of what my body can do on the trails. Looking forward to many more strong miles.

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